Friday, 18 March 2011


I was recently asked:

Which is "proper" or preferred by these men when referring to them,

"Green Beret" or "Special Forces"?

My reply . . . . . . . . . . . . . STORMBRINGER


Bill said...

The beret was made in Canada by Fleur de Lis. Although almost every corps in the Canadian Army of the day wore a beret of one colour or another, this dark green (ie, rifle green) became the colour of the new Canadian Forces in1968. Our army still wears it today with the usual exceptions for the Armoured Branch, the Military Police and some reserve units such as the Rocky Mountain Rangers.

Sigivald said...

"Super Fancyhats Brigade" is the technically correct preferred term. Honest.

(I kid. I kid because I love.)

Minicapt said...

The original beret in the Brit Army was the Black Berte of the Royal Tank Corps. It was adopted in 1917 under the aegis of the Chief of Staff, LCol J.F.C. Fuller. The Essex Tank Regiment adopted the Black Beret on formation in 1936. The RCAC followed suit in 1938 to establish the beret in the Canadian Army.