Tuesday, 15 March 2011

The Paleostinians..........by Dan Friedman

It’s time Jews stopped asking Jew-killing animals to act like human beings. Better to understand the breed and act accordingly. Giving them Jewish land to roam while arming them with weapons and three-piece suits only provides camouflage and opportunities to get close to us and move in for the kill. The slaughter of the Fogel family (OBM) while they were fast asleep on Shabbat is a microcosmic warning to Israel of bigger things to come if we give Paleostinians a “Palestinian” state. Surely, the tiny Jewish Nation which seeds the world with men and women of the arts and sciences who routinely unravel nature’s deepest mysteries can find a better solution for national salvation than that.

Dan Friedman


ajdshootist said...

To call them Animals is an insult to all animals they are to use a term Hitler mistakenly used about the Jews
and Russians SUB-HUMAN like a Rabies infected Dog and as such should be put down on sight.

935684 said...

Sadly, the political and judicial systems of Israel almost guarantee that these scum will continue to have easy access to unarmed Israelis. Much of the action that security forces take, will continue to be after the fact, similar to that of police forces in Western nations.