Sunday, 13 March 2011

Radiation pattern from Japan.............from Rico

I used to have more than a 'passing' interest in plotting downwind radiation patterns, during the Cold War I used to plot them.

Our Australian friends have just done this for the post-earthquake situation in Japan.

Why do I trust the Australians more than the US or the Japanese Government?
- Hmmm, you could start with Japanes spokespeople playing the "it's not that bad" angle, and the Hillarybeast outright lying about our Air Force assets delivering coolant to Japanese reactors. Hillary (and this entire misAdministration) talks out of both sides of her mouth. She is a congenital liar.
- Then there is the total lack of comment/discussion of downwind radiation patterns from the Ministry of Truth.
- Finally there is the latest status symbol in Washington, DC the keychain radiation detector (you don't see them outside the Beltway because they're awfully expensive, but inside the Beltway? Money's NO object when it's taxpayer money).


Lester304 said...

What is the source for this map? Is this worst case melt down for 4 reactors?
So far it looks like only a little radiation has left the nuke plants.

Bruce Wayne said...

That map is an inaccurate hoax. Winds do blow from Japan to the West Coast (jet stream), and a radioactive cloud could blow over to the US (and one is on its way right now). But the levels of radiation that map shows are obviously wrong. The half-life of radiation means that after a factor of 7 has passed, the radiation level drops by a factor of 10. There is no way that after 10 days, airborne radioactive particles would still have a strength of 750 rads.

If that was possible, the entire West Coast of the US would have gotten severe radiation poisoning after we nuked Japan in WWII. Also, we did lots of atom bomb testing after WWII in the Pacific and out West (much more powerful than this Jap nuclear power plant thats melting down) without producing a cloud anywhere near the power of the one shown.

I will say that if California gets the big earthquake they've been predicting (and is overdue), then the nuclear reactors in Cali could potentially throw up enough junk to be a concern for us in the TX, LA, AR area. You'd need to find a concrete walled room to hang out in for a few days if that happened.

Lester304 said...

It is a fraudulent map. It is like worst case if 16 nuke reactors melted down and containment vessels all failed.

Theo Spark said...

I am getting conflicting reports over wether this is fake or not. No matter after chernobyl which reached the uk I wouldn't bet against it. If the Jap nuke plant goes up the fallout will cover a huge area so it might be exaggerated, only time will tell. PS the Japs launched thousands of balloon fire bombs in WW2 using the same airstream so don't write it off yet.

Anonymous said...

I think there were possibly worse radiation issues in 1945 affecting the US, I don't recollect any significant adverse effects or people growing a secomd head or a third eye. This is just oh-so-normal MSM bullshit.

Anonymous said...

This map is a hoax. Just not possible. Chernobyl was just a total burning meltdown and only did this. Japans reactor just cant even do this much.

Steve W.

Anonymous said...

Map is bs. The gaseous isotopes have half life of seconds would never get past plant fence. The istope of iodine is like 7 days half life. Would be gone or diluted by time gets here. The one to worry about is Cesium. Half life thirty years --but it is a metal at ambient temperature. Once it cools down, few miles up and away it will return to metal and precipitate out into the ocean sinking. If the wind shift toward Japan it will suck because the cloud will cool down over land and sprinkle cesium dust as it does. With a half life of 30 years that would be bad for the people who live there. ITs just stupid for people in finland or Calif to be buying iodine tablets.

Anonymous said...

look what hasn't happened. The 40 year old facilities contained what they were built to contain after the most severe earthquake on record and a Tsunami. Not bad