Saturday, 30 April 2011

"Divine Victory"

The 'tarded Rocket War of '06 betwixt Little Satan and the rocket rich rejectionists led by their overtly robust and girthy Body Part Collector General is kinda like the Undead - the conflict just won't stay dead.

Starbuck at Wings Over Iraq tackles Lazar Berman’s interpretation of the 2006 Lebanon War  with perhaps the best conclusion yet - that Little Satan may not have truly been defeated yet she was left with a "...sense of defeat..." Merkava panzers stopped cold with Kornet missiles, the INS Hanit hit with a nasty Chinese made (or clone) of the ship killer C8 oh series and of course the wonderful (not) sensation of having to grind and groove through a combat zone rich with innocent civilians (often not the case). 

Berman's bit is especially hot: for the killer cool realization that Great Satan's Teufel Hunden - whom Hiz'B'Allah owes a terrible blood debt with no statue of limitations - has fired up the Warfighting Laboratory in Quantico and "...organized five major games in the last two year and all of them have focused on Hizballah." 

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