Friday, 1 April 2011


Terrific! Al-Qaeda Declares South Yemen an Islamic Emirate

Global Warming Hoax Weekly Round-Up, Mar. 31st

Israel, The Third Nation on the Moon?

Obama administration curiously uninterested in regime change in Iran

The Benefits of Multiculturalism: Support Rallies For Syrian Tyrant Canada

WyBlog to acquire The New York Times in stock swap deal

Gates kinda sorta threatens to resign if Obama sends ground troops into Libya

NATO warns Libyan rebels: If you attack civilians, we’ll bomb you too

Britain urges nationals to leave Yemen immediately

Fukushima Fifty: We expect to die soon

Fox News Blows One — more media translatio​n

The Commodore, The Admiral, And The Women

Indian Navy officer sacked for having affair with Russian

Russia employs Arctic brigade to defend oil and gas reserves

Bill Whittle on eating the rich

Rolling Stone: Boycotting Advertiser​s

Winning Ugly in Libya

Gates calls for limited role aiding Libyan rebels

Libya: dilemma over defector's 'electrifying' Lockerbie information

Analysis: we must thank Koussa for disarming Libya

Ivory Coast: fighting reaches Laurent Gbagbo's residence in Abidjan

Afghanistan: 'New Kabul' to be built north of war-torn capital

Council staff send taxi to collect tea

Nevada's cathouses: regulating brothels in the Wild West

Germany and China call for Libya ceasefire

U.S. admits that Mexican cartels get military weaponry from Central America

and finally..........

Bone Joins the Fray

The USA’s America Class: Carrier Air + Amphibious Assault

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