Thursday, 7 April 2011


Being Governor of NJ, so easy a 5 year old can do it! For a day.

Somali Pirates: Ukranian Flying Boats to Join Anti-Pirac​y Force

Somali Pirates: Minelayer from Finland Breaks Up Pirate Party

Dutch Defence Cuts

A Pattern of Containment

Surgical Strike in Sudan - Updated

Magnifisent Basterds (III)

What Happens If the Government Does Shut Down?

Boots on the Ground in Libya

Gaddafi using civilians to curb air strikes

Guardsmen Begin Flood Duty in Fargo

Get Out the Word: Military Pay in Question, and What You Can Do

Al Qaeda bolstering presence in Libya, Algeria says

Student Expelled For Having Tattoo Gun Tool

Gaddafi to Obama: Hey, call off those airstrikes​, OK

Yemen president to be encouraged by Saudi Arabia to go

Gates to warn Iraqis that time is running out to delay withdrawal

Why is the Fed Bailing Out Qaddafi?

Rush Limbaugh: Any Reduction In Size Of Government Takes Away Power From The Democrat Party To Enslave The People

Australia buying LHD ship from Britain

Nation-mak​ing in Libya?

UPDATED: Mystery object brings town to standstill

A Comeuppance on Gitmo

Portugal asks for bail-out which could cost Britain £4.4 billion

Defence cuts in doubt over Libya, says military adviser

Ivory Coast: Ouattara forces 'pushed back from Gbagbo's gate'

Swedish couple have honeymoon from hell

Al-Qaeda 'setting up training centres in Afghanistan'

New Zealand churches upset over hot cross buns 'like Jesus'

US offers $5 million for info leading to militant Ilyas Kashmiri

Iranians, Israelis join forces in Japan

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