Saturday, 9 April 2011


Hippies of the world unite

Iron Dome Intercepts Palestinia​n GRADs Targeting the Israeli City of Ashkelon

Inside the liberal mind

Billions for unions - not a penny for the troops

The imperative of Jewish sovereignty

This was predictable...

Nazi warplane lying off UK coast is intact

Flex and adapt.

Update From Meeting At The Trump Tower Regarding Obama's Usurpation of the Presidency...

Shocker- US to stay in Iraq

Fullbore Friday

General: US could put ground troops in Libya

Video: Democrats not terribly impressed with presidential leadership on budget

Where’s the Senate’s budget?

Small Wars Journal Anonymous Wisdom--SSBN's and SSN's.....

Learning on the Fly

Royal Marines train for beach assault missions

Europe becomes even more defenseless

DOD Announces U.S. Force Posture Revision in Europe

A soldier gives a leadership lesson to Congress

DOD Releases Unified Command Plan 2011

Sadr Front stages protest against US Forces in Iraq

Nato refuses to apologise for strike on Libya rebels

Libya’s MacGyver Artillery

Friday Morning War Porn…

Friday Evening War Porn…

HMS Astute shooting: Nuclear submarine guard kills officer in rifle rampage

Parachute Regiment leaders in Afghanistan face the sack

French helicopters launch rockets at Gbagbo's palace

Syria: government troops in violent reaction to fresh protests

Bomb found in van parked under main road in Northern Ireland

Russia wants 'red button' rights for US missile defence system

Russian security service wants to ban Skype and Gmail

Saudi Arabia: there has been ‘no crackdown’ in Bahrain

8 killed in German pile-up caused by sand storm

Israel attacks Gaza Strip in worst violence since 2009 war

Mexico: 59 bodies found in mass grave

Jack the Ripper was a German sailor, detective claims

Israel kills Hamas commander in Gaza strike

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