Monday, 4 April 2011

One question, three answers...........from Rico

Concerning the recent Koran burning that has had our uber-thenthitive and oh-tho-korrekt MSM wringing its collective hands, there is one simple question to be asked. One.
- There are, however, three different answers. Three.

Think for yourself. Pick one and ignore these twits.
- It's easy.


Larry Sheldon said...

This is the perfect graphic for something I have been trying to say for some time.


LifeoftheMind said...

My suggestion is to save the environment and
destroy virtual korans.

Anonymous said...

That so-called pastor is a glory seeking self-=aggrandizing twit, and he knows full well what will happen. That said, if the stuipd pig vomits of the Muslim world weere no so eargerly fuel for this idiocy, there would be no trouble. But, they love to act like the petulent children they are, tho they are very dangerous. Let them kill each other; fewer for us to deal with later.

Anonymous said...

Jesus....oh yeah, the guy that lashed the loan sharks out of the temple.


He was not a chickenshit, match puffing, wanker, and turn the other cheek absolutely does not mean what you think it means.