Sunday, 24 April 2011

The Sunday Best........

Crazy Talk

Al-Iraqiya Coalition spokesman says it rejects extension of U.S. troop presence.

Syria: “It was really like hell”

China May Be Flight Testing A V/STOL Fighter

Iraqi cleric's followers demand U.S. troops leave

About China’s high-speed rail edge …

Whisper: Fairly Compensated

Washington state legislature considering electric-vehicle fee

Libya’s Rebels Fight with Ancient, Useless Weapons

One Angry Rant: "Land Of The Stupid, Home Of The Freaking Screwed"

‘Dragon’ Battalion Soldiers aim to develop scout sniper capability in Iraqi Army

Decency Prevails In Rankin County

Failed Taliban suicide bomber shot dead in Afghanistan was 'sleeper from London'

High Court judge 'sits' in Tenerife: Sensitive child protection cases will be heard by telephone in hotel room

Royal wedding: No place for Tony Blair and Gordon Brown

Syria uprising: 'We will continue until the fall of the regime'

American Way: Donald Trump’s joke candidacy signals danger for Barack Obama

Jobless should work for their benefits, say four in five voters

Large Hadron Collider rumoured to have found God Particle

Libya: Inside Benghazi's rebel training camps

Morris men must allow in morris women – but not to dance

Syria uprising: 'We will continue until the fall of the regime'

British Korean war heroes remember fallen comrades on 60th anniversary

Welfare handouts aren't fair – and the public knows it

Police called to investigate noise find lone jiggling vibrator

About the Birth Certificate

Wake Up, Critics: Here’s Obama’s Grand Plan

and finally.........

Doc's Computin' Tips: Classic Start Menu for Win7

The Sexiest TV Cops

9 actors who turned down memorable movie roles

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