Wednesday 6 April 2011

Video: Ann Barnhardt rebuts Lindsey Graham's remarks on 4/3/2011

Part 2 There is a second video where she burns pages of the koran. It's a bit over the top (she uses strips of bacon as bookmarks.

H/T Larry

Editor's Note: Took some legal advice before posting this.


Anonymous said...

Sad state of affairs.

Have to seek legal advice before showing anything that might insult the islamos.

Anyone even understand or comprehend the very most basic basics of cultural conquest?

Btw, not long ago, some islamos in Pakistan blew up some 30 other islamos who were worshiping at a shrine in Pakistan. Their great crime against islamosim that had to be punished by death? Singing.

Insulting islamos should be a daily activity to any and all who do NOT wish to be forced to submit to islamoism.

Islamoism. Less a religion and more an ideology of conquest and suppression.


Theo Spark said...

Grimmy. just covering my ass. Whilst freedom of speech is an English invention, we don't have the 1st to cover us.

the botnet said...

Good on you, Theo! Funniest thing I've seen all day.

I wonder how long until the outraged muzzie cultists look to start the beheadings for insulting the ""religion" of peace".

Great stuff, brother, and carry on the good fight!

Bravo 24 said...

She's good. Probably could stomp a mud hole in Lindsey Graham's ass. I also understand she is fond of the word JACKASS. :)

Anonymous said...

The 1st is pretty much dead over here. Amazing what can be covered under "hate speech".
BTW, it is against the law to insult broccoli.

BKUSA said...

I wish we had some people in Washington who had a similar grasp of the issues and the cajones that Ann B. possesses. She is spot on and I hope more reedom loving people continue to thumb their noses at the Islamo-facists that have most our pandering leaders like Graham trembling.

Mark said...

I hope she's ready for the inevitable fatwa... and I hope she has plenty of ammunition at home.

tom said...

Bacon has many uses, not just in cooking. She seems OK to me.

KG said...

Legal advice?? What does she say that's actionable in law?

I posted it at Crusader Rabbit and damn the lawyers--I'm a free, sovereign individual and it's time a lot more people in the West started behaving that way.

Anonymous said...

"Grimmy. just covering my ass. Whilst freedom of speech is an English invention, we don't have the 1st to cover us."

I should have stated this in my initial post. My rant wasn't aimed at you. It was aimed at how far we've sunk, in ALL the western nations, the US included.

The 1st now has very little resemblance to what it was originally meant to mean. Now, it pretty much only guarantees unhindered support of any enemy we face, regardless of who that enemy happens to be.