Wednesday, 25 May 2011

Late News...........

A Dog’s Purpose According To A 6 Year Old

The Democratic Party: Protecting tax cheats since 1944

4 RIFLES train in Kenya to become rapid response force

Will the US honor SOFA agreement?

Dublin Today

Navy Seals Fight Micky Mouse for Trademark

Obama will go down in history as the spoiler of Mideast peace

Israeli Military Innovations Save American Lives

Several councils in Scotland adopt boycott of Israel

Talking Proud - The American withdrawal from Iraq 2011

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Anonymous said...

Today's Dublin:

If I didn't know better i would have thought it was Brixton!

What a pity.

Unfortunately, many of the Irish pro-diversity crowd live "down the country" and don't have to deal with the Roma pick-pockets, Nigerian drug dealers and the very dangerous Chinese/Russian prostitution lords!

They, along with Ireland's "home-grown" thugs have turned the country into a primordial soup from Hell's Kitchen!