Saturday, 21 May 2011

McIlhenny, Memorial Day & Tinian..............from Rico

"An army marches on it's stomach." Napoleon Bonaparte

Hey, Bony!!!
- Many of the 'Greatest Generation' well remember C-rat's (C-rations: canned, pre-cooked wet rations issued to US military forces when fresh food was impracticle or unavailable).
- Many of MY subsequent generation remember them very well, also.

I best remember the 1/8 fl oz bottle of McIlhenny's Tabasco Hot Sauce that invariably came with. It made the most vile meals palatable (imagine ham & lima beans with scrambled eggs if you will....a very FAR cry from the coveted "Steak, B-3A" meal, I assure you).

OK. So MRE's (Meals, Ready-to-Eat) came along, and they were arguably (for some, anyway) an improvement.

BUT God bless YOU McIlhenny!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
- With YOUR Hot Sauce, we could easily whip that Froggie napoleon's butt!!!

I just returned from grocery shopping with a 5 fl oz bottle of McIlhenny's Buffalo Style Hot Sauce, and I GOTTA say:
- is this a GREAT country or what?

Remembering Memorial Day, I'll end this with a picture of the Marines disembarking at Tinian Island in WWII.
- I could write volumes about my beloved Marines, and Tinian, but a better author than I already HAS!
Check out Don A. Farrell. [eg. "The Sacrifice 1913-1943"]

Brothers and Sisters-in-arms, past-present-future......I salute you all proudly!


Anonymous said...

I believe one of the McIlhennys was a high ranking marine officer during that war.

Anonymous said...

The greatest generation had "K" rations...they were even less tasty than "C" rations. indyjones

richk said...

You had to open the "Beef slices with potatoes and gravy" from the bottom because that was where the meat was. The potatoes were inedible. I still have the first P-38 can opener I got in Basic Training in 1974.
The photo of the Marines is not from Tinian but Cape Gloucester on New Britain.