Thursday, 19 May 2011


Earth no longer endangered by leftovers

Future NJEA union shills graduate college without any class

Boondoggle Ethanol Program Got You Down? Help End it.

Bumped: Brian Lilley Smacksdown Commie On Illegal Immigrants

Observing the PLA Navy Hawkeye Clone at Xian

Really? REALLY?

USS Cesar Chavez? The times they are a-changing

80 Percent of Gadhafi’s Air Force Gone

Al-Qaida in the midst of fierce succession battle

Did Kerry wander off the reservatio​n in Pakistan? « Hot Air

CDR Salamander​: China - old before rich?

Germany details Bundeswehr reform

Navy officers get more time to decide whether to retire

Informatio​n Disseminat​ion: Rules of Engagement Change for Piracy

U.S. bases in Japan likely to be spared summer blackouts

CDC Warns Public to Prepare for a Zombie Apoclypse

Minerals Mined on Federal Land Spared Taxes, Aided By Senator Reid

As Government Bans Regular Light Bulbs, Replacemen​ts Will Cost $50 Each

The Zombies of Islam and Norway

British tourist faces year in Dubai jail after calling prophet Muhammad a 'terrorist' in row with shopkeeper

Glenn Beck: I Stand Tonight With Israel

Rachel Maddow Implicated in School Shooting Threat

HotAirPund​it: Bernie Sanders Confronted at Book Signing: 'How Does an Avowed Socialist Sell a Book?'

Osama bin Laden praises Arab Spring in posthumous message

Libya: Col Gaddafi's wife and daughter 'flee Libya'

US imposes sanctions on Syria's Bashar al-Assad

Viagra 'could make you deaf'

Has the Arab Spring Stalled? Autocrats Gain Ground in Middle East

and finally........

Deputy: Strip Search Finds Crack Between Buttocks H/T Peter Gunn

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