Sunday, 8 May 2011

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VBites' World Domination Plan

Thousands attend anti-Taliban rally in Afghanistan

Violence erupts in cairo as muslims attack a coptic church ... a few killed, scores injured ...

David Beckham, rule 5 and a half

Abbottabad residents pretty content to see bin Laden meet justice

Saudi newspaper claims Zawahiri gave up bin Laden to take over AQ

Overlooked news this week

A blogger's New Testament Quote

Curious Choice

Retention « Neptunus Lex

Ring State Vortex « Neptunus Lex

Whisper: Syrian AOB « Neptunus Lex

Syrian tanks and troops 'enter flashpoint Baniyas city'

Arrests show Ahmadineja​d under increasing pressure from Iran’s clerics

Ahmadineja​d on the Ropes in Clash with his Supreme Leader

Analysis: Row between Iranian leaders comes to a head

Libya: RAF Tornados destroy Libyan missile launchers

Desk Guilt

Gaddafi planes raid Misurata, destroy fuel tanks

U.S. WWII tank deployed in Czech zoo

Bin Laden directed al Qaeda's global operations from 'command center' in Pakistan

Not Sure If Real « Neptunus Lex

Confirmed: Border Patrol Agents Fired Beanbags Against ATF-Enable​d ARs

The forgotten frontline in Libya's civil war

SAS to help US hunt down al-Qaeda leaders

Royal family braced for cut in funding

Shale gas could solve the world's energy problems

US-Pakistani Relations: A Forced Marriage Plagued by Ever-Deepening Distrust

Outdated Ideologies: Does Bin Laden's Death Mark the End of Jihadism?

and finally........

Doc's Computin' Tips: Windows 7 review (redux)

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