Sunday, 29 May 2011

The Sunday Best.............

Unintended consequences of green bunk

A German With A Master Plan–What Could Go Wrong? « SOYLENT GREEN

Yes, Palin was invited to Rolling Thunder « Hot Air

Russia to West: Don’t Defend Yourselves or We’ll Start an Arms Race « Hot Air

SEAL Team 6 - Rule 5 and a half

Supporting Our Troops

Moonbatter​y: Every Rape in Oslo for Past Five Years Committed by Third World Colonists

Memorial Day

Is President Obama all talk and no action?

Twitter reveals secrets: Details of British users handed over in landmark case

Chinese labour camp prisoners forced to play online games

Libya: Coalition forces prepare two-pronged blitz to finish off Gaddafi

Nato set to close key naval headquarters at Northwood, Hertfordshire

Libya's war from above: on board the RAF's E-3D spy plane

Europe's new diplomatic service under fire

Al-Qaeda gunmen seize Yemen city Zinjiba

Kabul gold rush: western billions bear fruit in luxury property boom for Afghan capital

Ratko Mladic capture: Was it all an elaborate set-up?

'Nannied' police given bedtime routines and packed lunch advice

Italian UN peacekeepers targeted by Lebanon bomb

General Daud Daud and at least two German soldiers killed by suicide bomb

After Ratko Mladic arrest, attention turns to Goran Hadzic

Lockheed Martin Hit by Unspecified Cyber Incident

Tornado dog crawls home to owners on broken legs

Spiegel Greek Hit Piece #2: Bailout Troika Finds "Greece Missed All Fiscal Targets" - Next Steps: Game Over?

and finally.........

The Maggie's Farm Breakfast Scientific Survey

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