Monday, 2 May 2011

WTF? Democrats Make Osama Killing 'All About Obama'

It's pretty disgusting.

See, "Progressives Claim Credit in Osama Bin Laden Killing." And from the comments there:

"Any claim by the Left for credit rings hollow given that they tried everything they possibly could to keep it from happening."
And also, at Michelle's "All About Obama: Who’s politicizing bin Laden kill?"

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Bigol said...

We’ve been tracking every message in and out of that area for some time so it was only a matter of time... Still, it was a tough op and everyone in the chain of command should receive the credit. Even Obama. It was a tough call and I’m happy he made it.

Of course I expect the left to take full credit for this action... politics.

However, as much as I give credit where credit is due I know in my heart that if this were Bush we would be seeing crap like this: