Sunday, 19 June 2011

All that glisters..​..........from Rico

To further bowdlerize the line which is so often misquoted from "The Merchant of Venice" ...'all that glisters is NOT necessarily gold.'
- But GOLD sure beats PAPER!!!

Let's look at the percentage change from one year ago in FIAT currencies, US Bonds [debt for librul Democrats (C)], and select COMMODITIES...all against the price of GOLD.

FIAT Currencies
US$ <20.4%>
CN$ <15.7%>
Euro <3.9%>
Yen <9.4%>

1-3 yr <19.1%>
20+ yr <16.4%>

Oil +4.7%
Silver +65.5%
Copper +13.3%
Coffee +54.0%
Cotton +44.8%

This is NOT by 'accident' as our Central Bankers well know, since they are the ones distorting economies and markets to keep the 'rigged' PONZI scam running a bit longer. The 'smart' guys that put us into the proverbial crapper did so intentionally, they just are at great pains to keep the fact from us....hence the endless bleating about 'recovery' this and 'green shoots' that. Makes one consider that stocking-up on toilet paper instead of greenbacks might be the sensible way to go.

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