Friday, 24 June 2011


Global Warming Hoax Weekly Round-Up, June 23rd

John bolton's remarks on iran's nuclear weapons project, as published at atlas shrugs ...

War and logic

New Jersey enacts significant limits to collective bargaining by public workers

Disney and The Path to 911, today at Breitbart's BIG PEACE!

Broadside Blog Korea

MARAD Is Selling the Superferry​s

On bearding the lion in his den, the dangers of

Airbus Military and Israel Aerospace Industries join forces on C295 AEW&C Programme

Nuclear experts killed in Russia plane crash helped design Iran facility

Close Mahmoud Ahmadineja​d aide arrested

Iraq PM says bloated government must be trimmed

Petraeus, military experts not real thrilled with Obama’s withdrawal plan

Withdrawal timeline raises questions of election politics

Inflation climbs to 3.6% in May. Palin was right!

Square Peg in a Round Hole

Ankara Vs. Damascus

Straight Talk From Top Enlisted Marine on 'Don't Ask' Repeal.

Did the Supreme Court Tip its Hand on ObamaCare?

2 Men Arrested in Plot to Attack Seattle Military Recruiting Station

Al-Qaida operative invested with Chicago brokerage house in 2005

Pelosi Prediction Backfires? Glitches Arise in Health Law

More B.O. Than Anyone Can Stand

In fleeing Afghanistan, the West relinquishes its grip on the world

Seized mobile phone suggests Osama bin Laden link to Pakistani intelligence

Top Gear rapped for Mexican comments

The science is settled: US liberals really are the dumbest creatures on the planet

Turkish and Syrian forces in tense cross-border standoff

Hot dog wars: Chicago's most famous hot dog maker sues rival over 'stolen recipe'

Barack Obama’s great gamble could well backfire

British nuclear submarine commander accused of killing French fishermen

Anarchy at Sea: A Voyage through Pirate-Infested Waters

Geert Wilders Verdict: Not Guilty All Counts! Eureka! "Today is a victory for freedom of speech"

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