Friday, 24 June 2011

Surely BEN jokes!.................from Rico

I had to appreciate the subtlety of Benno of the FED's jokes the other day. QE ending?

Without QE who is going to buy US Treasuries and fund the massive debt-spending fiesta of Congress and Obama-Soetoro?
Without QE what do you think the faux balance sheets of the TBTF finance industry will look like?
Without QE how witll the current misAdministration get re-elected [read: Barry boy]?

Be prepared for a covert QE, just with a different name.
Be prepared for the inflationary mother of all depressions.

IGNORE the blatant and obvious MOPE (management of perception economics) and market manipulation we're being smothered in. It's BS, and only good for mushrooms...not for us.

Oh yeah, for those who 'remember' Rhodesia and understand what happened in Zimbabwe:
- here's a taste of what's ahead for us once Barry turns us into just another failed Communist state.
[the 100 trillion Z-dollar note on my wall does not reassure me]

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