Thursday, 28 July 2011

Another "nooner............from Rico

Coinciding with COMEX expiry for spot precious metals I had been expecting a suppressive "raid' by the banksters holding massive unbacked paper. And it's purely happenstance that JP Morgan-Jamie Dimon/Blythe Masters hold more naked 'paper shorts' on precious metals than the amount of physical existing, running a fractional "Ponzi" scam of magnificent and heroic proportions (eat your heart out Bernie Madoff).
- Naked shorts. Gotta love 'em, it's better than Vegas!

Look at the charts.
This does NOT happen in a regulated free market, but these "nooners" with Blythe* come with some regularity when the spot prices get 'too high' for comfort...always at the time of futures/options expiry.
- It's not affectionately called the CRIMEX for no purpose, folks! Ahhhhh, the Chicago Way!

*The algorithm-driven computers have a system that I've seen repeated over-and-over again with regularity. Either pre-market or post-market during thin trading volumes (6am ET is most popular), or "noon" are preferred for "banging the market" by our naked shorts.

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