Wednesday, 27 July 2011

Arabs Set a Trap For Themselves​. Will Israel Close It? Dan Friedman

Eban had it exactly backwards when he said “The Arabs never miss an opportunity to miss an opportunity.” It’s the Israelis who never miss an opportunity to miss an opportunity. For over sixty years the Jewish state has driven back serial Arab attacks meant to destroy her - and would have if any one had succeeded. Yet Israel has never once allowed herself to act like normal victors and make their defeated enemies pay a price. On the contrary, Israel has allowed the Nations to stay her hand, and over the last two decades Israel has brought its enemies back from the dead and given them the best arms and training American tax money could buy. Today, the Arabs are still hell-bent on destroying Israel - this time via the UN – and in the process it’s the Arabs who’ve walked into a trap. The only question now is whether Israel, for once, has the guts and wisdom to close it. Or, on the verge of victory again, will she be content to take home the booby prize – the tragic failure known as “Olso” – and let her mortal foes live to attack her again? df

Israel’s epic chess game

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