Saturday, 30 July 2011


Science? What science?

Say Hello to My Little Friend!

Medical-de​vice manufactur​er to lay off 1400

BOATS WITHOUT BORDERS. Iraq, Kuwait perform joint exercise in Persian Gulf

Turkish military chiefs resign in row with government

A nice touch by USS CHUNG-HOON (DDG 93)

A Chinese Carrier « Neptunus Lex

Which came first: Taliban donkey bombs or Union army mule bombs?

Amos: "Changes to the Navy and Marine Corps Force Structure Were Certain"

ObamaCare projected to cost more than doing nothing

BLACKFIVE: Why We're Winning The Global War On Terror

Tech-savvy president wages Twitter campaign against GOP, loses 36,000+ followers

Gallup tracking poll puts Obama at term-low 40%

Asymmetric Twin « Neptunus Lex

Report: Lawmakers make 3.4 times what the average working American earns

Ordeal and Salvation: Sinking of USS Indianapol​is 30 July 1945

Hi, I'm from the Government​...

ADVON flight to Iraq

Gunwalker: One Step Closer to the Oval Office

Tea Party Crashes Washington Orgy

Libyan rebels say commander killed by allied militia

Moonbatter​y » Death From Behind

Israeli-Americans’ U.S. Passport Case Against Obama Admin Goes to Supreme Court

Israeli Government Video Irks Palestinians

Harry Potter dwarf spared jail over juggler's hat sex act

Judge tells teacher sex offender: 'I don't criticise you for being attracted to children'

Nato airstrikes hit Libyan state TV as regime taunts Britain

Egyptian liberals forced out of protest by Islamic demonstrators

Patients struggle even to get on NHS waiting lists

US and North Korea conclude 'constructive' talks

Al-Qaeda head in Yemen calls for killing of Saudi rulers

Tajikistan to grant amnesty to 15,000 prisoners

The Likud Connection: Europe's Right-Wing Populists Find Allies in Israel

Top US officials debate drone strikes in Pakistan

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