Sunday, 24 July 2011

Raising revenue without raising taxes?...........from Rico

I've long maintained that the REAL pain for the average Joe-shmoe would start to be 'felt' right after the 2012 elections.
- Our kleptocrats don't want to do much of anything that will impede their chances to continue to feed at the taxpayer's public trough (members only, old sport).
- Some of them are 'triangulating' now that a 'new' back of sociopaths in Congress after 2012 can roll-back any 'deals' made today.

The sticky wicket is precisely this:
- Something like a trillion Benny Bucks are needed in increased revenue for our porkers to reach a 'deal' on the debt limit (hahahaha...I just said 'limit').

How to raise revenue without raising taxes?
- EASY! By 'phasing out' the individual tax deductions, you can generate revenue [read: fleece the sheeple] without raising taxes!

Now, we all understand that the Lobbyists from K-Street represent monied interests, and not 'we the sheeple' so....drumroll please....guess what is being looked at right now?
- Yup, individual tax deductions.

Some of us understand that just calling something a "fee" does not mean it's not really a tax. We also understand that eliminating tax deductions is the SAME THING as raising taxes.
- But there are many who just don't "get it." They voted for the current batch of criminals by a large majority, and in a few years will be unhappily surprised to feel their tax nipples being twisted by the tax-milkers. Poor cows!

Here is the 'hit list'...are YOU on it?

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RonF said...

49% of Americans pay no Federal income tax. So they're fine with raising Fed taxes. Factor in people who do pay taxes but whose paycheck comes from the Feds (and thus benefit from a raise in taxes because that way they get raises and fat pensions) and you and I are outvoted.