Saturday, 16 July 2011

Sure 'they' know better..............from Rico

The arrogant, pompous ass known as Obama actually had the 'audacity' to say "...the professional politicians know better." and understand the Debt Crisis more than "the Public."

Yes? NO! We the Public actually DO understand what you "professional politicians" (flacks, hacks, and lying thieves all) cannot grasp:
- Paying your mortgage with your credit card DOES NOT WORK!

We the Public have been screaming "stop spending money we don't have" but you egotistical, clown shoe wearing "professionals" are so full of yourselves (and full of "it") you remain tone deaf to the cries, and indifferent to the agony, of the REAL America...the one that does not live the Neverland fantasy of Washingtoon, DC like you do!

Now that you've lectured us to "eat our peas" and the Bernank has proclaimed that gold is NOT money (like a Federal Reserve Note IS?), here's a big CLUE for you collective mensa candidates:
- The soon-to-be-former Middle Class of America will soon be sleeping in their cars, in tent cities, or on the streets thanks to you "professional politicians!"

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Not a sheep said...

Where is the UK on this chart, surely we must be on there...