Sunday, 28 August 2011

The games 'begin'..............from Rico

One of the "games" Libruls play so well is framing the conversation/scenario to fit their vision. Remember McCain when he was such 'good' pals with Teddy Kennedy and when he was championing the 'illegals' for amnesty so they could change from being undocumented Democratic voters to registered Democratic voters?
- The lefties all thought he was the 'perfect' little Republican.

I'm seeing the same phenomenon with Rick Perry and Mitt Romney.
- Perry served in uniform, was smart enough to fly a jet fighter (and even land it), shoots guns, has a record of accomplishment and demonstrated ability, HE is a 'progressives' worst nightmare and will just NOT do as a proper candidate to run against a 'community organizer' whose sole accomplishment apart from lighting-up doobies, was to get the taxpayer to provide his dope and fresh-prince-of-hot-air lifestyle for free! Wotta country!
- Mitt Romney of Romneycare fame (which was the model for Obamacare) is a Liberal's idea of what a Republican SHOULD be.

You can see the leftist-agenda-driven MSM lining up this way now.
- Perry-cowboy-bad; Romney a reasonable fellow, if a little misguided.

Gag me with a spoon (with a h/t to Frank and Moon Unit Zappa).

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