Monday, 1 August 2011


NY Jets / Plaxico Burress jokes

No demand for U.S. troops extension presented to Parliament​, Speaker says

Guess what happened to that Obama recovery?

World War II bomb disrupts flights at south Russian airport

Syria: dozens dead as Assad troops launch major tank offensive

Unintended star of ‘Restrepo’ returns to Afghanista​n

Analysis: Kurds serve warning as U.S. withdrawal nears

EagleSpeak​: Somali Pirates: Death Threats - Nothing Changes

Suspect war criminal 'was hiding in Russia'

BLACKFIVE: Defense Spending Under the Debt Ceiling

Eglin gearing up for F-35 training

"Transgender" Activist Teaching 5 Year Olds "Gender Identity" in Schools

The 'Palestinians': Their greatest secret

Holder Launches Witch Hunt Against Biased Banks

Iran plans to demand compensati​ons from Iraq for their eight-year war – 1980-88

Why Steve Jobs Would Be a Better President Than Obama

Amazing Round-Tabl​e Interview With Many Top Forgery Experts About Obama's Birth Certificat​e

Civil servants getting golden handshakes four times bigger than in private sector

China blames Islamic extremists for violence

America is merely wounded, Europe risks death

Drinking wine could help to stop sunburn

ANC Youth League leader hit by corruption allegations

British troops to spend a year in Afghanistan

Joe Biden charging US Secret Service thousands to rent cottage to protect him

Mexican drug cartel leader 'admits killing 1,500'

Wave of toilet stall door thefts hits Brandenburg

ISI chief on secret China visit as US ties take a blow

Hatred, smears and liberals bullying us into silence

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