Sunday, 14 August 2011

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Politicians create the right wing because they are too chickenshit to address the legitimate concerns of their constituencies created by governmental policies of "multiculturalism" ...

What Happened? « Neptunus Lex

Some AFL-CIO unions boycotting 2012 Democratic convention​?

Meanwhile, At A Geneva Apple Store

A Surfer, a Man, and a Marine

RAN ship to be named after last WWI veteran Claude Choules

Good Story « Neptunus Lex

Navy Prepares To Cut 2800 Petty Officers

Federal judge throws out Obama drilling rules

Study finds marked rise in intensely sexualized images of women, not men

Tough going in US for world's largest brewer

Plan to build giant solar farm in Calif. comes before judge

Riots, wild markets: Did space storms drive us mad?

10th DUI lands man in prison

Education affects Americans' religiosit​y -- but not how you might think


Michele Bachmann Rule 5

David Cameron: It's time for a zero tolerance approach to street crime

Assad defies US as crackdown continues

Somali Islamists thrive as children die in the dust

Afghanistan's former spy chief: 'Never trust the Taliban'

Concorde was so good I even took a job on it

Mexican smugglers dig tunnel under US border

Navies seek "pirate cultural adviser"

Washington sets out to slay its debt monster

Libyan rebels battle for Zawiyah

US halts humanitarian assistance to Gaza Strip

Pakistan allows political parties in tribal badlands

American aid worker Warren Weinstein kidnapped in Pakistan

London riots: Americans would have known how to respond to the violence and looting

and finally...........

Steve Jobs, worth re-posting: "Stay hungry, stay foolish."

Al-Maliki backs Syrian regime

The New Britannia

1 comment:

john joseph jay said...


a very touching story on the commissioning of hmas choules, honoring the 40 years of service to the navies of great britain and australia by claude choules.

you think that he would be pleased by this honor? i quite imagine that he beams right now.

john jay