Sunday, 28 August 2011

The Sunday Best.............

On Dogs, Man, and the Navy

The science is settled: Eating Meat Caused Hurricane Irene

CNN Fails Geography

"Snipers" ....

Rule 5 - Olivia Munn

Antonov Aircraft ‘Halts Work’ on Iraqi Contract

Landfall « Neptunus Lex

You have the right to remain silent...

Ramirez on Washington​’s fault lines

CDR Salamander​: A tale of two 50's

Michael Totten » Cairo’s Million Man March is an Absolute Flop

Breathless Hyperbole

Qaddafi child claimed dead a doctor in Tripoli?

EagleSpeak​: Sunday 5pm: Episode 86 The Right Weapons Systems at the Right Time 08/28 by Midrats on Blog Talk Radio

Airmen transition final sector of Kirkuk airspace to Iraq

Obama has a federal Immigratio​n and Customs Enforcemen​t warrant for his arrest

As US hopes for defeat of al-Qaida, officials say group’s No. 2 leader killed in Pakistan

Obama: Our 22nd greatest president?

Gene study sheds new light on origins of British men

'No room for Israel' after creation of independen​t Palestinia​n state: Iran President Ahmadineja​d

Claims of drought-dr​iven declines in plant productivi​ty, global food security refuted

'Safe haven' assets start to look risky

Banks scramble to add cash as Irene approaches

A volcanic idea to reverse climate change

'Jewish Indiana Jones' charged in Torah fraud

KFC goes to Kenya; first U.S. fast-food chain in E. Africa

Absolutely Wrong

Iraq Coalition Casualties: Fatalities by Year and Month

Losing Malmo: And Brussels, and Rome, and Amsterdam . .

Military radar deal paves way for more wind farms across Britain

Human slaughterhouse discovered in Tripoli

If we have the courage, more tyrants like Gaddafi will fall

Rhino horn thieves steal fakes

How the special forces helped bring Gaddafi to his knees

Libya: Nato must learn from its success

American Way: Loneliness of the Long Distance Mitt. Can Romney the tortoise overcome Rick Perry the hare?

Syrian authorities warn against protesting in capital

and finally.........

A rare daytime sight

Iran embassy SAS commander John McAleese dies

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