Wednesday, 17 August 2011

Taking The Jewish Guillt Out of Disliking Dan Friedman

Dear Coreligionists:

I know many of you have been privately disappointed with Barack Hussein Obama. It’s an unclean embarrassing feeling, I’m sure. But (aside from your therapist) who can blame you? Looking out over the political landscape of the last two and a half years, from the precarious state of the economy to the trillions wasted to our low standing in the world, there’s really not much to recommend BHO. Given the circumstances, don’t be ashamed if you’re beginning to think the One just doesn’t measure up. You could always console yourself with the idea Obama’s first term hasn’t been all doom and gloom. It’s definitely had its bright spots -although at the moment I can’t think of any besides the nomination of Elena Kagan.

So if you’ve come from being an Obama diehard to a Jew flirting with “undecided,” you’re making slow and steady progress and I congratulate you for having an open mind. Now, take the next step and have a look at this. It might be enough to put you over the top.

Dan Friedman

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