Thursday, 1 September 2011


Islam on very thin theological ice .... the fallibility of "prophethood" ....

Now all Obama needs for his jobs speech is an intro by Hank Williams, Jr.

A conversation between chris and john on free will ... does god demand obedience ...

What Are the Odds?

The Power of Analysis..​.

Has the AGW argument imploded?

The Navy Did ?!?!? Over Libya?

“Unique Capabiliti​es” in the Libyan conflict

Net Present Value

Tank hulks: From abandoned wrecks to perfect targets

Iraq airspace was closed because of a potential threat

That Didn’t Take Long: AGW Now Causes Sea Level Drop « SOYLENT GREEN

Warren Buffett and Bank of America: Why it's impossible for regular shareholde​rs to get the sweetheart deals that Buffett gets.

House freshmen push bills that benefit big donors

FDA questions studies of breast implant safety

Jobs? Obama? Impeach Him!

Our belly buttons harbour 1,400 bug strains

Killing Italy’s wealth tax only adds to the trust deficit

Early Obama Letter Confirms Inability to Write

Judge rules on Obama's Social Security Number

Libya: Saif al-Islam Gaddafi vows to continue the war and retake Tripoli

A shameful way to treat rural Britain

Gurkhas bear brunt as Forces sack 2,000

Syria's attorney-general 'resigns over mass execution in Hama'

Rain, hail and yet more rain: The British Summer That Never Was

North Korea woos tourists with launch of first cruise ship

Pakistan 'incapable' of prosecuting terror suspects

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