Saturday, 15 October 2011

Anti-Semitism at 'Occupy' Protest Los Angeles

See: "Anti-Semitic Protester at Occupy Wall Street — Los Angeles."

RELATED: "Wall Street Bankers Diss Protesters as Fringe Losers."


Michael Haltman said...

Good morning:

Don't hear much about this crap in the MSM do we? But yet they have painted an entire Tea Party movement as all racists!


I linked to you here:


Rickvid in Seattle said...

"Sighingest juice?" What? Running the banks? That's crazy talk...oh, wait. What? "Zionist jews?" Ooohhh, that's much better. Yep, gotta get those zionist jews out! Gotta make way for welfare queens, shiftless baby makers, and up town Saturday night drunks! See, we can trade racist steotypes all day with this useless public employee witch.