Sunday, 16 October 2011

Two Israelis Will Not be Released From Arab Dan Friedman

Remember that fellow in the window? He was one of the Arabs responsible for the barbaric murder and mutilation of two IDF soldiers who wandered into Ramallah by mistake in 2000. His name is Abdel - Aziz Saleh. He was arrested a year later, tried and convicted of murder in an Israeli court and has been serving a life sentence. Today, his name can be found on the list of Arab terrorists being released by Israel in exchange for Hamas hostage Gilad Shalit. To refresh your memory and get the latest, here’s the story (and a gruesome video) from Israel National News.

Dan Friedman


Rickvid in the Yakima Valley said...

Might be fun when they find him dead with a pork sausage stuffed in his mouth. In a brothel. For little boys. About all such scum are worth.

G'Willie said...

I hope they don't release anyone until Gilad is free or he never will be.

LifeoftheMind said...

The exchange is a terrible idea. Gilad Schalit should have been declared dead and honored with a state funeral. Gaza should be permanently reoccuppied step by step from the Northeast corner, advancing 100 meters each day there is an attack on Israel.