Tuesday, 13 December 2011


Sayonara Kyoto

Durban decay

Update on the joe paterno hysteria .... perhaps the lynching was a bit early? ....

Big Brother Cell Phone EAS #FAIL: Verizon apologizes for bogus emergency text msg

How to Inherit 13 Million Dollars

Iranian president targeted by shoe thrower

Case Dropped « Neptunus Lex

Shoddy and inaccurate​?

Obama hails end of Iraq war, but is it a victory for Iran?

CDR Salamander​: Could we even produce something like a Spitfire?

Public Service Announceme​nt

OWS port shut down plan appears to be a failure

Gingrich's Citizenshi​p Problem

Hillary's Surreal State Department

Tebow vs Cam Newton

Blast caused by ‘leftover ammunition’ kills 7 at Iranian factory

A few Chinese hacker teams do most US data theft

Manuel Noriega Returns to Panama

A Shameful State Department Initiative

The Center Fact Checks the New York Times on the Danger of EMP Attack

Syria death toll increases to more than 5,000

Barack Obama demands Iran return downed US drone

Saudi Arabia executes woman convicted of 'sorcery'

US agrees to freeze $700m in aid to Pakistan

Al-Qaeda militants escape from Yemen prison

Morgan Tsvangirai fined two cows and two sheep

Iran 'indicts 15 spies for US and Israel'

Malaysia crowns 84-year-old sultan

EU Set to Ban Export of Drug Used in US Executions

A lucky general -- but the battle has just begun

Maliki and Obama agree on the withdrawal and strategic relations

CDR Salamander​: How serious is the threat from Mexico?

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