Saturday, 31 December 2011

Painting the ticker tape..................from Rico

The BIG metal 'shorts' have been hammering the paper spot prices during thin trading to "paint the tape" for their year-end mark-to-market drill.

In the "paper" vs. "physical" world the banksters barely have control of paper gold and paper silver, BUT since they are now only trading with themselves (most gold/silver investors have left the COMEX) it's easier for them than it was.
- With no one else to play with, they are playing with themselves selling all the way down, and up as well.

They are desperate for anyone to sell them physical metal. Won't you help? Inventories for physical are very tight for them and there's a LOT of naked short paper to be covered.
- With Dec. inventory movements now final, note that CME contracts for Nov. & Dec. represent 89.8% of all dealer gold, for example. Yet, despite all the 'selling' no gold has left the dealer to satisfy the claims. No gold has left GLD and no silver has left SLV.

Huh? I can barely 'wait' for CME to explain this one...

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