Friday, 13 January 2012


CDR Salamander​: Fullbore Friday

Panetta: 2 Army combat brigades will leave Europe

Talented Navy Lieutenants

Army to Replace 2 Brigades in Europe With Rotating Units

"The Operators" by Michael Hastings.

Russian weapons ship arrives in Syria

Bradley Manning should be going to Court Martial

My Mesopotami​an Getaway - By Emma Sky

Video - What's Next for 1/1 CAV ?

Swords Into Plowshares *er* Car Carriers?

CDR Salamander​: Pirates fail their RECCE quiz ... again

Congratulations, Debbie Wasserman Schultz!

The Militia & The 2nd Amendment

Update: Mercedes apologizes for Che Guevara image

Media Denies Mexican Blitzkrieg

Catching up with Ex-POW Jessica Lynch

Iran nuclear sites may be beyond reach of bunker busters

Winter too Mild for Ice Wine

Eating butter not that bad after all!

Eating butter not that bad after all!

Bubble-blo​wing stars seen in the thousands by public

Pepsi suffers $3.1 million shakedown for 'discrimin​atory' hiring policies

'Booth babes' stir controvers​y at 2012 CES

Afghan drugs: Opium price rises by 133%

Rare horse fly named after Beyonce's butt

Savouring scotch whisky

The beginning of the end for the mademoisel​le?

Plus-Size Model Editorial Says Runway Models ‘Meet the Physical Criteria for Anorexia’

Astronomer​s weigh in on Milky Way's true colours

Bidders vie to tattoo woman's bottom

'Safest sex imaginable​': CES gadget fair 'geeks' get peek at sex tech

'The best part is that it's a Marine Corps plane'

Promoting the Falklands in LA

An informal addition to the laws of physics – don’t work for Iran

Russian spacecraft to crash to Earth on Sunday

Japan agrees to cut dependency on Iranian oil as US scores significant coup against regime

Airborne Commuters: EU Project Sees Flying Cars in Europe's Skies

Covert action in Iran on rise

America sails towards Scylla and Charybdis

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