Saturday, 28 January 2012


Greens in the money

BLACKFIVE: The defense budget

Rapid Fire 2012-01-27​: FY13 DoD Budget Guidance

Hamas quietly quits Syria as violence continues

CDR Salamander​: The Potemkin LCS Deployment ... again

This Week at War: Winners and Losers of the Defense Budget

No Special Operations Bases in Turkey, Pentagon Officials Say

Cuban Communists to consider term limits for leaders

St. Louis to host first major parade for Iraq War vets

CDR Salamander​: Well, we got there eventually​....

Obama's State of the Union Flop by Charles Krauthammer

Grandchild​ren of John Tyler, America's 10th president, are still alive

Georgia Ballot Challenge: Obama Walks On By

Poll: Most believe SCOTUS should reject health insurance mandate

As The State of the Union Speech Shows: The Problem with Obama Isn’t Just Political or Ideological, It’s Ignorance, Inexperience, Character, and Incompetence, Too,

Is Anybody Serious? by Thomas Sowell

What the Hell? 9 Year Old's Being Married? In Britain?

Obama Fanatic Threatened to Kill Arpaio

Once Again, Our Government Finds Itself Clueless

Denying Islamists Federal Security Clearances

Egyptian Court Refuses to Return Kidnapped Christian Girl to Family

SEIU: Myopic Greed

Drugs, the teenager found murdered on the Queen's estate and how the Baltic Mafia is terrorising one of Britain's oldest market towns It's not called Wisbeckistan for nothing.

General David Richards: Afghan campaign was woeful

Iran moving closer to stage where it will be too late to destroy nuclear facilities, Israel warns

Syria: claims of 'racial cleansing' as 14 family members are killed

David Cameron and President Hamid Karzai to sign agreement on Afghanistan's future

Braving Burundi: extract from Crazy River

US building 'mothership' for launching Navy Seal raids

Nigerian violence: Police disappear as Boko Haram brings terror to the streets

Nicolas Sarkozy and Hamid Karzai to push for early Afghanistan handover

Norway apologises for deportation of Jews during Second World War

Dmitry Medvedev 'should have done more to support Vladimir Putin presidential campaign'

Resistant Bacteria: Antibiotics Prove Powerless as Super-Germs Spread

'Muslim taxi' offers gender-segregated rides

German engineer kidnapped in Nigeria

A giant awakes

Political optimist: Venezuelan leader looks to 2031

'US bunker-busters can't destroy some Iran nuke plants'

Defense budget plan doesn't cut as deeply as Pentagon says

Advice to Sarah Palin from an Ardent Admirer re Establishment Republicans and Tea-Partiers re Gingrich and Romney

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