Sunday, 1 January 2012

The Sunday Best............

Happy New Year. Probably.

I Gotta Move to Texas

Fixed Winged Army

Shocking. Another electric car recall.

Rule 5 Saturday Night: Yesica Toscanini

Alessandra Ambrosio - Rule 5

The Best of Below the Gnat Line 2011

Moon Countdown: Hours Until NASA Probes Arrive

Who is the real Kim Jong-un?

Know When to Hold ‘Em…

Driving While Illegal

Companies get creative with data about you

Obama's 2012 campaign opponent: Congress

Preventive care: Free, except when it's not

Scientists say this is the funniest joke in the world

Gingrich: Justice Dept wants to "steal elections"

Is Obama doomed in 2012?

Texas airport: explosives found in man's luggage

Wedding ring 'found on carrot' after 16 years

Secrets of ancient pottery may help build better spacecraft tiles

51-year-ol​d HIV+ man infects thousands in US

Happy New Year from Uncle Omar!

My predictions for 2012? Much of the same, sadly

Nigeria's Ebonyi state ethnic clashes: 50 killed

Syrian activists dying to tell their story

Race to reach war wounded rowers as they battle across the Atlantic

Who is the real Kim Jong-un? Diplomats fret over North Korea's portly new leader and party officials fear a purge

Seven 'terrorists' shot dead in China

Skis, goggles, hats – and radiation monitors: thousands crowd the slopes during Fukushima's ski season

Muslim Brotherhood vows not to recognize Israel

and finally...........

Bird of the Week: The Ruffed Grouse (The Bird Dog's favorite bird)

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