Sunday, 12 February 2012

Becoming East Berlin.............from Rico

I very well remember East Berlin when it was behind the "Berlin Wall" and also Eastern Europe when it was behind the Soviet "Iron Curtain."
- Not at all fondly. It was an ugly place. (I was 'there' a few times and speak from first-hand experience.)

It was ugly NOT because of the people (who are actually quite charming), but because of what their Government made it.
- All "legally" mind you, just as the Stasi and KGB were 'legal' (as Hitler's Germany came about by 'legal' means).

Orwell was a prophetic writer of fiction and Solzhenitsyn documented life under Government run amok, and both are sadly prophetic of our present.
- Click the link fellow 'inmates'.....welcome to the Gulag!

The US is Morphing Into East Berlin

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