Sunday, 19 February 2012

Classic Barry....................from Rico

Here's yet another classic Barry "screw the taxpayer" move, and he read to us from his teleprompter how he really "punished" the banks (while keeping a straight face, too).

The $40 billion settlement 'deal' the Government made with the big banks over foreclosure fraud is NOT what Barry & Co are promoting it as.

It turns out that $30 billion of it will come from the taxpayers. While not reported in the US, the Financial Times (London) has it figured-out, and has reported the 'clause' in the agreement that wasn't made public in the US for some silly reason.
- Boiling the details down: The 'real' cost to the banks will only be $10 billion. Nice. Guess that showed them, huh?

When Barry's supporters voted for "change" what we got was the direct subsidy of dead-beat homeowners and big banks using taxpayer money.
- Good thing everyone is too 'distracted' by Whitney Houston or American Idol concerns so they don't notice the Rule of Law has been destroyed with the collusion of their government in broad daylight.

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