Thursday 16 February 2012

Dumping Rico

This is what 'dumping' US Treasurys looks like.
- It's NOT talked about much by the teleprompter readers and talking heads, in fact it's almost as big an open secret as the FED buying most of the US debt these days to compensate for the shrinking foreign demand for Treasurys/Bonds [read: debt].

The Chinese and Russians are NOT stupid people.
- They are voting with their feet, and running away from the 'safety' of the full faith and confidence of US Government 'promises' to pay debts loans back some day, maybe, perhaps (fingers crossed behind back). It is also no coincidence that they are both huge buyers of physical gold for their reserve holdings.

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Anonymous said...

The Chinese one is a flattering caused by the scale used. If you had graphed it from 1100 bn dollars then you could have made the graphic look even scarier.