Friday, 17 February 2012

Irony defined..................from Rico

OK, I understand, Central Bankers, Keynesians, and Progressives don't 'get' irony....but this is just too ironic NOT to discuss.

All Americans know that their silver-looking pocket coinage today is NOT silver, or really any valuable metal, just as the redeemable-for-silver paper Dollar has been replaced by the Federal Reserve Note not redeemable for anything but "trust me." The 'purchasing power' or 'value' has tanked from 1913 to today
- Now to 'save' the Government some money, the guy calling himself Obama wants to make pennies and nickels out of even cheaper metals than they currently are comprised of (pennies are made from zinc and washed to 'look' like the old copper pennies the public got used to before about 1984). [I have some Japanese Yen, their equivalent of the US Dollar, that are made of such a cheap metal they almost 'float' on water he can have as a "go by" if he needs some ideas for cheaply-produced money. We have children's 'play' money sets that have more substantial
-though equally worthless- coinage).

From Emporer Augustus (27 BC-14 AD) when the Denarius had 97% silver content, to Emporer Aurelian (270-275 AD) when the Denarius had 2% silver content is an almost identical pattern to that of from Woodrow Wilson to Barry Soetoro-Obama...just taking half as long.


PacRim Jim said...

My coins used to clink.
Now they clunk.
Thanks, D.C.

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