Thursday, 9 February 2012


NJEA union honcho: You can't have school vouchers because "Life's not fair"

Male Marine Is Possibly a Woman?

30,000 predator drones over u.s. airspace? ... boast, bombast or pure unadulterated bullsh*t?

Iraq seeks to clamp down on security contractor​s

Higher speeds, hired guns drive Somali piracy cost

What does it mean to be Alawite, and why does it matter in Syria?

Americas, Africa and Asia head for 'supercont​inent' smashup

New Cato Institute Study Shows How Private Gun Ownership Reduces Crime, Saves Lives

Can the U.S. Navy Cope with Iranian Mines?

Gallup Poll: Record low 10% approve of Congress

CPAC 2012 gatecrashers: Unions, anarchists, Occupy D.C. and the New Black Panther Party!

'Dependenc​y Index' up 23% under Obama

New York woman sues city for $900 trillion

Mid-Ninete​enth century condom

New York hotel maids given 'panic buttons'

DEA Agent: Other Fed Agencies Aware of Fast and Furious in 2009

How Dangerous Is Obama?

Fast and Furious: The silence of Latino Leaders

Voter Integrity Laws Gathering Momentum across the U.S.

Cyber bill to put US in charge of global cyber security

Freeze forces Germany to restart nuclear reactors

WH spokesman: People dropping out of workforce is an 'economic positive'

Workshy Britain: More homes where nobody has a job than anywhere else in Europe

Killjoy council workers saw snowmen's heads off after children take hours to build them... because they 'damage the grass'

An army under fire from elf'n'safety and a busybody culture making babies of us all

International 'militarisation' in Syria growing closer, warns US official

Prince Harry to return to front line

US missile kills al Qaeda chief in Pakistan

Freezing temperatures too cold for grit to work

Armed Forces cuts too hasty, say auditors

US starts sending non-lethal military supplies to Uzbekistan

Chinese police chief 'tried to claim asylum at US embassy'

Speaker of South Korean parliament resigns over bribery scandal

Argentina has no more claim to the Falklands than Canada does to Alaska

Paris court to rule on whether sex toys are 'erotic' or 'pornographic'

Iraq executes Zarqawi aide

The prisoner's dilemma

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