Sunday, 5 February 2012

The Sunday Best....................

F**k You Very Much, Mr, Commander-in-Chief. Sir.

Slab City, Navy Town

U.S. Plans Shift to Elite Forces in Afghanista​n

Realpoliti​k « Neptunus Lex

Today Syria…Tomo​rrow Iran

Al Qaeda operative killed during clashes in Kurram identified

Tunisia "to withdraw recognitio​n" of Syria government

Let’s put the brakes on the NAT GAS act

Europe 'at risk of early grave' warns Kevin Rudd


Rule 5: Kelly Brook

U.N. must take stand against Syria brutality: Obama

U.S. ‘Disgusted​’ by Russia, China Double Veto on Syria Resolution

How To Be a Racist and Get Away With It

Do the dead outnumber the living?

Music lovers pursue technologi​es to return to high fidelity

Israel sets up elite command unit to strike behind 'enemy' lines

A Battle the President Can't Win

Strip club gets bum deal

Madonna - Rule 5

Judge allows 'Sister Wives' suit to proceed

Lockheed: Foreign investors will offset F-35 program

'Universe from Nothing': Big Bang was a bargain

Moving Oil on Buffett's Railroad

India to Britain: We don't need the 'peanuts' you offer us in aid

101 Tories revolt over wind farms

Syria: Russia blames West over resolution veto

Sky diver to break sound barrier with jump from edge of space

Syria's most senior defector: Assad's army is close to collapse

Syria releases the 7/7 'mastermind’

Is David Cameron more yellow than blue?

Britain's eccentric welcome for the Olympic torch: shin kicking, wool sack racing and guerrilla gardening

Gibraltar: Between the Rock and an increasingly hard-line place

Julius Malema loses appeal against suspension from the ANC

Barack Obama Launches Campaign 2012 with Sermon on the Mint

J’lem and Berlin sign contract for sixth submarine

and finally.......

“Red Tails” review

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