Friday, 30 March 2012

Early News............

Read the below link from c.n.n. and understand why the financial collapse of the united states is pretty much inevitable ...

CDR Salamander​: Fullbore Friday

RIP SGT Dennis Weichel

West wants Saudi Arabia to keep up oil production

Compare and contrast..​. the tales of two soldiers

Consumers plot emergency oil release as Saudi decries high prices

Video: Why the White House should be afraid, very afraid, over the ObamaCare arguments this week

US funding request calls for reduction in Afghan security forces after 2014

Aviation, Diversity, and Uncomforta​ble Truths

India and China Skirt Iran Sanctions With ‘Junk for Oil’

Iran Oil Flow Falls, and Price Fears Rise

Oldies day at Castle Argghhh!

Lessons for Israel and Iran from “Persian Incursion”

Florida police pose as giant bunnys to catch illegal drivers

Guardsman Spc. Dennis Weichel rescues AF girl, dies in the attempt

Study: Disorienta​tion from pesticides a clue to bee disorder

Pakistani doc who helped CIA track down Osama 'sacked'

Consistenc​y: Obama budget fails to get a single Democratic vote … again

Syrian suspicions swirl over Iranian hand in Assad's repression

'Walmart of weed' opening store in Washington​, D.C.

Uncle Sam loses almost $50M on 6 small banks' stock sale

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