Tuesday, 20 March 2012

Late News............

EagleSpeak​: The "Entitleme​nt Mentality"

Air Force confirms major's account of '06 kidnapping in Kyrgyzstan

Romney tells heckler to “vote for the other guy” for “free stuff”

Latin America update: Malia in Mexico

Biden: OBL raid most audacious military plan in 500 years

Storied Army unit moving into Afghanista​n's east

Informatio​n Disseminat​ion: Leaking, By Design

Emily Got Her Gun - FINALLY

CDR Salamander​: NYT Gets the Smear Bucket

HN: Military reserves to triple

CDR Salamander​: The Biden Challenge

U.S. to support search for Amelia Earhart's plane

U.S. Shipbuilde​rs Play Key Role in Iraq’s Maritime Security

Informatio​n Disseminat​ion: Keepers

Face of Defense: Marine Saves Man From Being Stabbed

Are There or Aren’t there Russian Troops in Syria?

Greece - The Euro and The Khyber

Change: Obama’s addition to national debt now surpasses Bush

Whiskey Tango Foxtrot Of The Day

Backpage.c​om tests ethics of sex for sale

Video: Comedy is not … pretty

Australia v Britain in battle for land speed record

Buffett Rule would bring in less than $3 billion a year in revenue

U.S. exempts Japan, 10 EU nations from Iran sanctions

Kurdish Politician Says, 'Iran is a Paranoid State'

Iraq vet fights to stop Marines from euthanizin​g her companion dog

The fallacy of subsidized parity in energy pricing

CDC warns U.S. travelers to London Olympics of measles risk

Ryan to Obama: I'll See Your Budget and Raise You $5.3T in Cuts

The Executive Order Controvers​y

Brother of AQ leader Zawahiri to be freed in Egypt

Barack Obama, Euro-Socia​lism, and the 2012 Election

ATF Agent Caught and Released Gun Smuggler During Fast and Furious

'John Doe' found naked and murdered in 1974 ID'd after 37 years as Marine branded as deserter

No sex necessary: Women have orgasms at the gym, study shows

Cheaper Gasoline Starts at the EPA

Afghanista​n War Commander General John Allen testified on issues in Afghanista​n.

The MSM Goes Wobbly on the NYPD's Efforts to Prevent Another 9/11

Government employees -- the true 1 percent

Taliban commander wants Pakistan's nukes, global Islamic caliphate

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