Thursday, 8 March 2012


Polar bears to die from harmless trace gas and hail of hot lead, but mostly hail of hot lead

False prophet ...

An index of posts on mohommed and the koran ...

Statement on Syria before the Senate Armed Services Committee

No Peninsula Shield Forces near Syria

New York Army National Guard troops train for stabilizat​ion mission and then deploy

Hey Barack: If Iran looks like a duck, walks like a duck and smells like a duck... what exactly don't you get?

Did threats silence media on Obama probe?

Kinect research: The amazing, disturbing things your gaming console can learn about you.

Air Force reducing force; impact felt at Eglin

Obama naivete over Iran was on full display at his Super Tuesday press conference​!

TSA apologises to 'humiliate​d' nursing mother for US airport incident

Velocirapt​or's last meal revealed

Now anyone can play the hotshot in Vegas, just grab a gun

Nicolas Sarkozy says France has too many foreigners

Maldives continues to destroy its tourism industry – Buddhist, Hindu exhibits smashed at Maldives National Museum

The fatal flaws in Warrior's armour: Four years ago a coroner demanded better protection for our troops... did six soldiers pay with their lives yesterday because nothing has been done?

Demolition of Argentine unexploded ordnance planned for Friday

Iran 'trying to remove evidence that it tested detonators for nuclear weapons'

Syrian opposition hails high profile defection of deputy oil minister

Scientists shed light on antimatter

Four killed as roadside bomb detonates in Thailand

EU accused of hypocrisy for £1 billion in arms sales to Greece

Israel to delay Iran attack in exchange for U.S. weaponry: report

'Mossad warns Turks of Iranian plan to hit Israelis'

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