Monday, 26 March 2012


French gun control, didn't ... gun control, doesn't ...

Keep Calm and Carry On

Russia Announces ‘Massive’ Tank Scrappage Scheme

Baghdad Operations Command unconstitu​tional

Iraq to stop importing electricit​y next year

Over and out: Delta 'Drifter' Company prepared to go home!

Taliban threaten Pakistani parliamentarians over possible reopening of NATO supply routes

French fighters training in North Waziristan

France files charges against Jewish school gunman's brother

GM to expand capacity in low-cost countries, German magazine says

Sheriff Joe: I'm Not Going to Back Down from Obama's Identity Document Fraud Investigat​ion

Top secret Visa data center banks on security, even has moat

'White House Burning': Federal debt is political, not economic, issue

Another Japan reactor shuts down; only one left

Traffic jams waste gas, 1.9 billion gallons

Marry Me? Show Me Your Resume.

Why the silence about Obama’s historic scam?

Cash for access: Barack Obama wouldn't even get out of bed for £250,000

Afghanistan: moment Private Stephen Bainbridge stepped on an IED

Syria: Turkey delivers 'strong political message' as it closes Damascus embassy.

Australian Labor party nearly wiped out in Queensland

Pope heads to Cuba for historic visit

Senegal's president concedes defeat in parliamentary polls

How the RAF drew up plans to attack Argentina over the Falklands in 1982

South Korea prepares to shoot down North Korean rocket

'Chooks' a vital line to soldiers

Ahmadinejad: US can no longer dictate policy to world

Be afraid! Be very afraid! It's Supreme Court Day for Obamacare! (Video and souvenir T-shirt)!

Political hypocrisy and a free press

Institutionalised amorality in the Tory party

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