Thursday, 29 March 2012


Happy 119th, You Old Navy Chiefs!

Kennedy: Would leaving parts of ObamaCare in place be more “extreme” than entire repeal? Update: “Plane wreck” for White House?

BLACKFIVE: Maybe I'm over sensitive

Scalia on severabili​ty: Making us read this entire bill would be cruel and unusual punishment

France in talks with UK, US on strategic oil release

DECKER: Obama's French auto bailout

RCAF seeking kinder, gentler bombs

India to outpace China to be No.1 economy by 2050

Indonesian women stripped of mini skirt rights

Europeans are world's heaviest drinkers

Prepare for a new era of oil shocks

6 Shapes of women revealed


Selective Service Refuse to Release Obama's Original Not-Private Selective Service Card

Nobel Peace Prize winners should not overlook rights of Islanders says Falkland Islands Government

US drone strikes on Yemen escalate

North Korea begins fuelling controversial satellite

70 killed in three days in Libya

Would-be jewel thieves caught digging 1,000 yard tunnel under targets

Swedish town's free land offer backfires after Polish influx

Amid Debt Crisis, Athens Falls Apart

Sex toy survey: Germans come first

Kenya rangers kill nine suspected elephant poachers

'Baku grants Israel use of its air bases'

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