Tuesday, 6 March 2012

Sandra Fluke Refuses to Accept Rush Limbaugh Apology

Here's a roundup on today's events, with video of Rush Limbaugh's latest statement on the controversy.

See: "Sandra Fluke Rejects Rush Limbaugh Apology."

Also, links to Sandra Fluke's appearance on "The View."

More later.

Conservative women smeared as "sluts" never generate this kind of outrage among MFM outlets, so it's pretty much a setup. Would I call Fluke a "slut"? Probably not, although I'd call her a liar, for that's what she is.


Anonymous said...

Rejects Rush's apology?
Prima facie evidence that Rush was right.

Steve In Tulsa said...

Where do I apply to get an apology for being called a teabagger a million times?

Anonymous said...

Sandra Fluke is a PLA (Professional Liberal Activist).

The whole deal was a set-up to force the Jesuit run Georgetown University into a corner. Part of Obama's campaign to force Catholics to accept the "Dear Leader's" ObamaCare decree in toto!

Rush Limbaugh's verbal foopah was just an unforseen, added bonus!


FishEagle said...

Breitbart would have gone on the offensive and stated that sex is not a human right. If sex was a human right rape would not be a crime.