Monday, 19 March 2012

The #VRWC Report, Detroit is broken and New Jersey ekes out a win

The song remains the same: Detroit seeks bailout, abjures responsibility.

A headline I never thought I'd see: The least corrupt state in the nation is ... New Jersey?

The power of One: Bride marries herself. Well why not? I suppose the self-marriage rights activists will cry discrimination if she doesn't get a tax break out of it.

Cue the Syphilitic Camel Rule: Ten really, really, really bad consequences of an Obama win in November.

Geneticly re-engineering humanity to combat global warming. Because that's way better than Monsanto's "FrankenCorn."

Holding their feet to the fire: A blogger writes his Congressman. And cites the Constitution. He probably should have enclosed an extra copy of that particular dusty old parchment; Congress seems to have forgotten what's in it.

You know it's gonna win the Leni Riefenstahl Lifetime Achievement Academy Award: A review of Obama's cinematic paean to his own munificence. On the plus side, Jim watched it so you don't have to.

Finally for today, a St. Paddy's Day recap from Barack Obama's diary.


politicaljunkiemom said...

Thanks for the link, Chris. (And you're absolutely right. Who dares infringe upon a woman's right to a big dress and a par-tay, eh?)

Matt said...

Thanks for linking to the Conservative Hideout.